Bastions of Virtue

Art representing bastions of virtue 2018

Two years after experiencing a divorce Kingly made an artwork out of four elements of his wedding ring. The ring is designed as such that it enables the wearer to fit different types of ornamentations to it.
Picture of the artwork.



A borderless cross-chain platform uniting digital ledgers 2017-2024

A digital wallet for freedom of transactions. Hybrix is meant to become a viable and open-source replacement for value transfer systems. Why should the power over money worldwide lie in the hands of a few large players?

Tiny House

Off-grid living in a Tiny House in the middle of the forest 2019-2021

For two years Jo and his partner have lived off-grid in a Tiny House in the forest of Wageningen. They wanted to experience first-hand what it means to live without using electricity, water or sewage facilities. The tiny house in which they lived had solar panels and a windmill for power. Biodegradable waste was recycled into fertilizer. Follow the link below to the website (dutch) detailing their experiences.


Hybrix Protocol Whitepaper

A borderless cross-chain platform uniting digital ledgers 2020

An in-depth technical whitepaper detailing a meta-protocol and blockchain integration solution in the form of decentralized assets for transacting value across digital currency ledger systems. This would allow for ledger and blockchain platforms to be used as a value transfer medium without needing any financial intermediaries. Kingly has co-authored this paper together with Rouke Pouw.
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An experienced founder, developer and trader for over 12 years, in June 2017 Kingly won both the potential and pioneer grant achievements totaling more than 100.000 US dollars from the SIDN Fund for his project Internet of Coins. Organizing a successful crowdfunding program that same year together with his team he managed to raise over 3 million US dollars to kickstart development of the project.

Since that time it has been in active development, rebranded to hybrix, and currently serving users with a secure, non-custodial solution for alternative finance. Between 2018 and 2021 Kingly has made numerous public speaking appearances, and authored a manifesto and papers detailing new protocols for digital finance. He currently runs HY Company.

During 2016 and 2020 Kingly has also actively been working on a variety of security related and peer-to-peer networking systems, including Peer2Product (federated e-commerce), NetAidKit (secure communications tool for journalists), auditing finance protocols security (together with Radically Open Security), and providing companies with technical, security and financial consulting.

Before working in technology and digital economics, in 2008 Kingly self-hosted the blog publication journal BE.725 in which he premiered high profile stories such as the origin of Stuxnet in 2009 and an article detailing the large scale attacks on payment providers Mastercard and Visa in 2010. This led to a recruitment attempt by the Dutch intelligence service AIVD in 2016, a job he declined.

Kingly enjoys writing music and since 2020 has been working on recording his debut EP, which is still in the works. He is also currently attempting to write a book and is busy authoring his biography.

The artist name Jo Kingly has been chosen by Joachim de Koning as a way to make it accessible for people to identify him internationally. It is easier to pronounce than his original name, and gives some flair with the wink of an eye. The resemblance of this name to the word "jokingly" is intentional, Kingly is of the opinion that nobody should take themselves all too seriously.

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