Do you want to rock a digital audio workstation like it is 2010?
Do you want low latency and focus on your music?
Do you love Linux and Reason at the same time?
You have come to the right place!

Download Retro Reason Studio 32 bit from here: torrent or


The Details

For several years I ran Reason 5.0.1 on Linux under WINE, but the experience was always somewhat subpar. Aside from latency and stability troubles, things I was able to resolve, two bugs in WINE were exceedingly annoying to me. Examples: Not being able to use the pulldown menu in Reason. Vertical labels on devices not rendering properly.

These bugs I reported to the community, and I set a bounty for anyone able to fix them. However, they were not to be fixed. So I resorted to building a minimalist virtual machine that can be run under virt-manager/qemu-kvm under Linux to be able to make music more comfortably.

Reason 5 is now considered abandonware. This means you can use it for free. This 32 bit virtual machine is built on top of the Tiny7 windows build by [eXPerience]. I have further cut down this minimalist system and "frankensteined" it into a lean setup for production with a Wasapi ASIO flexible audio setup. I've been making music with this myself and it works a charm. Just make sure to tweak your virtual machine to run as close to your hardware as possible, and you should get native performance with most multiple-core CPU hardware.

As time progresses I hope to add useful things to this page, like tools I have made for a better Reason 5 experience. Please also follow my videos for more updates on this!