Bastions of Virtue

Art representing bastions of virtue • 2018

Two years after experiencing a divorce Kingly made an artwork out of four elements of his wedding ring. The ring he had designed as such that it enables the wearer to fit different types of ornaments to it. This is his first publicly released artwork.


The ring and its four elements are made out of weighty 24 karat gold. The faux stones are tinted glass crystals with colorized backdrops to enhance the color effect. Every element is fastened to a wooden branch cutout that has been lacquered, and is accompanied by a typewritten word on a small piece of paper. The ring itself is not depicted on the artwork, only the elements that were meant to adorn it according to occasion.

The four elements symbolize the virtues which the marriage once held, and which remained after its dramatic dissolution. They are now in possession of different individuals that received them as a gift. Only hope remains in possession of the artist.

Works in progress

Currently Kingly is working on a short music album, and he hopes to be able to bring out his first EP soon.